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Funding system

These projects are not sustainable without the possibility of private businesses to make donations which are deductible from taxes. Businesses donate, for instance, USD 100 or 100 pesos and the cost for them is 18.75, because 75% of what they donate can be applied directly to taxes and the other 25% is an expense deductible form income. The net cost is 18.75% of the donation. This allows multiplying the money at that cost and getting the necessary volumes for funding the high-school. This is value created by private business that instead of going to taxes goes to this type of projects. The amounts are not relevant in comparison to the total of tax exonerations that the State provides.

Individuals can also donate, but understandably volumes will be lower than those businesses can provide with this benefit. The critical mass comes from businesses.

Our hope is that there will be no private business that has taxable income that does not support a project of this nature. This would allow us to build more high-school and replicate and multiply the experience.

What we seek is…

…the commitment from businesses, not a signed commitment but in spirit and philosophy, to be with us in the long-term, along the way, as long as they receive income. In this way we are creating a strong business commitment with this type of projects.