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Our beginnings

Fundación Impulso is born from the vision of a group of friends (Marcelo Guadalupe, Elbio Strauch, Ernesto Talvi, Pablo da Silveira, Nicolás Herrera and then Horacio Hughes) who, looking to contribute to eradicate the learning gap in our country, decide to develop an institute of education of junior high-school level (years 1 to 3 and a 4th year may be added), placed in a low-income neighborhood. The institute is fulltime, secular, free and of private management.

Located in the Casavalle area, on the corner of  San Martin and Aparicio Saravia, the high-school was built in seven months with the support of private businesses that contributed with resources on 2011, 2012 and 2013, and which plan to continue doing so.

At the end of 2011, the Headmaster Fabrizio Pattriti, contacts social and education institutions in the neighborhood and in September 2012, with the social team onboard (Social Worker and Psychologist), the admission´s period is opened to last year students of the more than 25 schools in the area.

Out of an initial population of 1200 students of 6th grade, 377 registered. The 100 places at the Impulso high-school were filled through a draw by a public notary. The 100 students were confirmed with no previous knowledge assessment.

From then on, we have seen in them, our students, huge commitment, enthusiasm and hope, and we have achieved a great work, study and fellowship environment.