Our Identity

The high-school´s insignia, that our students wear on their chest in the uniform´s T-shirts, and that we hope they will always carry within their hearts, has a special meaning.

The background color is light blue, which represents our country.

In the center of the insignia we find a human figure, which represents each of the students.

That student is standing on an open book that seems to be the wings of a flying bird.

Our students are flying, standing on the wings of knowledge. It is the strength and boost from everything they learn what allows them to fly.

¿Fly where?

There is the sun. The sun represents hope, the hope that each of our students will have the OPPORTUNITY to become anything they wish.

Each is different and quests for its own future and happiness. This is what Impulso pretends to provide: wings (the knowledge and values) to fly towards each one´s sun.