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Our aproach

We have researched the education schemes in other counties that are successful in contributing to eradicate the learning gap and aim to apply the best existing techniques.

The high-school´s schedule is fulltime, Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm and also lessons on Saturday from 9am to 1pm, when the focus is placed on the musical and visual areas. The students have breakfast, lunch and tea at the school.

We have five fulltime coordinators (Science, Humanities, Math, English and Alphabetization – Psychopedagogue), four tutors and a psycho-social team (Psychologist, Social worker) for the global support and assistance of the student.

This comprehensive scheme has the support and commitment of the parents / tutors that are involved in it through monthly meetings at the school.

Our motto is: a high-school without excuses not to learn. No excuses for the teachers and for the students. We trust in the potential of our students and in the fact that through learning (both knowledge and values) they will have the opportunity to build their future, the one they choose. For instance, attend University, if they wish to do so. The teaching methodology is the key element to this project, aiming to apply already proven schemes in successful experiences. It is also key, the development of the character/personality of the students: self-control, the strength to overcome obstacles, optimism, being thankful, curiosity, honesty, among others. Our Values Program focuses on building the individual´s life project and developing leadership skills to drive one´s own life.

To achieve all this, we also have to develop the teachers, enable them to grow with the students, also demanding results. Multiplying these experiences is only possible with engaged teachers, supported with opportunities to further their knowledge and also through the team-work with other institutions that inspire and propel them in their personal and professional life.